Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It’s A Bomb : Disney's "Star Wars" Is A Financial Disaster, this is an exceptionally blunt analysis

The SNP Crying and Complaining Game: SNP MPs complain that no Unionist MPs attended ‘special session’ of the Commons immigration inquiry in Kirkcaldy, SNP need Unionist MPs in order to give Scottish Affairs Committee credibility, the painful truth of being irrelevant sinks in for Nationalists

Dear All

It seems the SNP still after losing the independence referendum, the Brexit referendum, becoming a minority government and losing 21 MPs at the last General Election still don’t get it.

The SNP is now irrelevant!

Isn’t rather sad that Nicola Sturgeon and her cohorts still think they are a force to be reckoned with, they are on a downward spiral of decline, people are abandoning ship, the jig is up, the game’s over, the party is over.

So, now we have down the line the SNP condemning the failure of every other party to attend Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee. At present the committee is holding an inquiry into immigration which is meaningless. The SNP want control of immigration in Scotland which they won’t get, the UK needs a unified policy in the UK, one policy, what is not need is a highway into England via an SNP open door immigration system.

During the Scottish independence debate, the SNP said that they would flood Scotland with immigrants to the tune of one million people. This would have seen the collapse of our public services, housing and medical provision under strain now would be in severe chaos.

Having not turned up in Kirkcaldy, the SNP decided to complain saying that “spoke volumes” about the priorities of Labour, the Conservatives and LibDems MPs after not one went to a special session in Kirkcaldy. Those absent were Tories David Duguid, John Lamont, Paul Masterton and Ross Thomson, Labour’s Hugh Gaffney, Ged Killen and Danielle Rowley, and LibDem Christine Jardine.

Kirkcaldy is on the east coast of Scotland, I have been there once, it was on a works bus run decades ago, there isn’t much to recommend in Kirkcaldy.

There is a shopping centre called the Mercat which is next door to a swimming pool, if you are used to the ‘big city’, this place will be a culture shock! According to stats, Kirkcaldy is said to a high unemployment rate, so it is highly unlikely that they will welcome with open arms extra immigration into the town of low skilled people. It speaks volumes about why the SNP picked this place to visit, other than political hacks who would be interested in a Westminster’s Scottish Affairs Committee visit.

Even if they called it as ‘special session’!

Four Conservatives, a LibDem and three Labour members missed the event, leaving SNP chair Pete Wishart and SNP MPs Tommy Sheppard and Deidre Brock to question witnesses. Imagine the rather dull thud and lack of excitement for the witnesses being questioned by SNP ‘bangers’!

Deidre Brock said:

“This was an important meeting and the failure of MPs from the Scottish Tories, Labour and Lib Dems to even show up speaks volumes about their priorities. I appreciate MPs face diary constraints, but Brexit is the biggest issue facing Scotland, and poses a huge risk to the Scottish economy. We heard from people who have come to Scotland to work, live and contribute to our society, and the human impact the UK government’s Brexit chaos is having. These committee hearings are important to inform our work.”

Lib Dem Christine Jardine said:

“I was disappointed to miss the meeting which is one of a series I have attended around Scotland, but unfortunately I had other constituency and Westminster related issues.”

A Labour spokesperson said:

“The Scottish Labour members of the Scottish Affairs Committee were unable to attend a hearing in Kirkcaldy due to diary commitments and Parliamentary business. This is a long-running inquiry. There have been five previous sessions on immigration and Scottish Labour members have been fully engaged in the work of the committee. It is disappointing that once again the SNP has taken such a partisan approach by seeking to score political points, when the spirit of this committee is to work in partnership for the interests of the people of Scotland.”

The Scottish Affairs Committee is said to be gathering evidence on how Brexit would affect migrants, given that Brexit talks are still ongoing, the ‘expert’ evidence isn’t evidence at all, it is just opinion.  And having seen close up how political parties question experts, I doubt the capability of the SNP to extract any credible information.

Finally by accident, it seems that the SNP have been left hanging and having no one else to shield their stupidity have decided to scream long and loud, it seems that the SNP need Unionist MPs in order to have status. Imagine being questioned by three SNP MPs, you have to feel sorry for the Fife Migrant Forum, the National Farmers Union, Cosla, and Highlands & Islands Enterprise.

Mind you there is a ‘baguette express’ at 9 Whytecauseway, hopefully they got expenses, lunch on the beach and thinking happy thoughts!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University  

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The horse has bolted, the genie is out of the bottle, new political party Renew Britain thinks they can turn back the clock on Brexit, they think they can frighten sitting Brexit MPs to change their minds, totally delusional thinking, there is no going back

Dear All

If you are going to start a political party then it is helpful if your number one policy, your USP, your selling point is actually relevant.

A new political party has been founded, it is called Renew Britain, before you start flocking to them for a membership pack; it is helpful to know that they are on the wrong side of history, politics and the public.

And to show the new party isn’t exactly firing on all cylinders, a leader of Renew Britain has described the new anti-Brexit party as the “military arm” of the Remain movement. They say that they will field candidates at the next General Election to “threaten” sitting MPs who back Brexit.

So, basically they aren’t happy with direct democracy, the people’s vote, and they aren’t happy with sitting MPs who backed Brexit either.

Those poor middle class lambs!

Apparently the party is French president Emmanuel Macron’s globalist-minded La République En Marche. One thing about the French is their economy is in trouble, which means they don’t contribute as much to the EU kitty as the UK. So, what will happen if Renew Britain fields candidates against Brexit, in effect they will get drowned out, when one trick pony parties stand for election, they rarely cross the credibility fresh hold!

To lead a community it is helpful to have a raft of policies.

One of the prime movers in the group James Clarke said:

“Some of the anti-Brexit pressure groups and movements are very, very much focused on asking people to pressure their local MP to have a second thought on Brexit.”

The House of Commons allowed the Brexit vote and agreed to abide by the result, the thought they might have lost wasn’t upper in their minds, but when you put the people to the test, you might not always like the answer.

Clarke added:

“What we are is almost the more military arm of that movement, whereas we are actually standing candidates in seats to threaten those MPs that are not changing their minds, or are not standing up for the views of their constituents.”

Renew Britain says they ensure that voters are “on the right side of history” which begs the question, why start on the wrong side? Clearly although some MPs don’t like the result, the parliament said they would abide by the result as did the UK Government.

There is no way back; no second thoughts, no get out of jail free card, the vote was held and the Remain side lost rather badly.
Someone clearly out of her depth is Co-founder Sandra Khadhouri, a former NATO and UN worker, she claims that her interest in working with Renew Britain stemmed from her feeling that post-referendum, the UK was a like war zone.

Do you see riots in the streets?

Do you see huge protests?

Do you see people occupying universities and government buildings?

This must be the quietest ‘war zone’ that Sandra Khadhouri has ever been in!

Here is her linkedin, what do you see?

Well, let me help you, she might have watched a lot from the sidelines, but she is about to have a rude awakening ‘playing on the pitch’.

Co-founder Sandra Khadhouri said:

“As I finished working in Georgia for NATO last year I looked at which conflict zone to go to next and I decided it had to be Britain.”

She wants to reach out to Brexit voters and let them know that their voting to leave the European Union was “not [their] fault” because they “did not have enough information going forward to make a decision in the referendum”.

The people of the UK knew exactly what they were voting for, they voted for the UK to be a completely sovereign country. Her view of ‘I know better’ is contempt, well, over 17 million people trumps Sandra Khadhouri.

Khadouri told Adam Boulton’s All Out Politics on Sky News that she did not believe the vote to leave the EU was about the EU.

This is a ridiculous comment; yes, there is inequality, unfairness, the rich/poor divide, the north/south divide, and anger at politicians but the real anger was the way that we were treated by Brussels.

To attempt to lump all grievance at the UK door, maybe Sandra Khadhouri needs to get out onto a doorstep.

So, what is Renew Britain, well this line up speaks volumes, candidates come in the form of Yuki, a junior doctor from London; Oliver, a design consultant from London; Nicky, a teacher from London; and Mr. Torrance himself who is an accountant from London.

Launching the party in Westminster, London, Renew Britain’s Head of Strategy James Torrance appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics, which featured a video showcasing Renew Britain candidates such as Yuki, a junior doctor from London; Oliver, a design consultant from London; Nicky, a teacher from London; and Mr. Torrance himself who is an accountant from London.

Finally, the party is said to be going on a Listen to Britain” tour, too little too late, citizens voted in the majority to leave the EU in the greatest political mandate in British history. Although, they claim to have 200 candidates, I seriously doubt they will return anyone at the next General Election.

The game was well and truly over after 10 pm on the 23rd June 2016! 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, February 19, 2018

Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’, Nicola Sturgeon tries to make out she is a ‘defence expert’ on national security, the SNP haven’t planned for Brexit, don’t know about national security, don’t know about economic security, another cynical blundering attempt to sabotage Brexit and garner support for single market and custom union status

Dear All

It seems rather odd but Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’ Nicola Sturgeon has decided to venture into the realm of what is betraying the national interest in post-Brexit security arrangements. What I find astonishing is that Sturgeon has accused Theresa May; one thing that the UK is very versatile at its security which can be seen by the lack of terrorist actions in the UK.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP on the hand have no expertise!

Theresa May as our Prime Minister has warned EU leaders not to block a deal on security after Brexit, but we shouldn’t forget that as we are in NATO, this is in everyone’s interest. The idea that the European agencies will be ordered to take the huff and not share information is rather silly. We will see a new treaty to ensure military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation; we had cooperation prior to entering the EU in 1973.

Nicola Sturgeon is scaremongering, she thinks wrongly by trying to create uncertainty that people will get behind her and demand access to single market and customs which has nothing to do with security as it relates to military, intelligence and counter-terrorism cooperation.

Nicola Sturgeon knows nothing about the military, intelligence and counter-terrorism, in fact, I doubt she has ever played paintball, but here she is bold of ‘brass talking out her ass’ about something she is completely ignorant! The SNP defence spokesman at Westminster is Stewart McDonald like Sturgeon, he has no experience of the military, and I would doubt he has ever held a firearm, has he even shot a .22 air rifle?

The SNP have lost two referendums, one on Scottish independence and the other on Brexit, so with a track record of utter failure, and having no viable plan to defend Scotland in the unlikely event people vote for independence, we are subjected to claptrap.

Sturgeon wants people to get angry by saying that there isn’t a coherent post-Brexit vision, there is already a vision, the UK is leaving the EU, the rest is just details, has Sturgeon published any post Brexit plans?

Has Sturgeon published any post Brexit plans?

The answer is no, that’s right no, the SNP have done nothing, nothing on economic security, nothing on national security, in Scotland there is uncertainty right across the board relating to failed SNP Government. From childcare to rail transport, there is failure, uncertainty and malaise.

If you know how the military and intelligence works, it is incredible that the SNP attempting to say that the UK will lose cooperation on intelligence sharing, data exchanges and counter-terrorism activities with other EU nations.

That will never happen!

The military and intelligence networks of the West aren’t some backward looking agencies playing at intelligence, they are a billion dollar industry which uses the highest tech, and have whole departments which specialise. Another thing which you might be aware of, and Nicola Sturgeon isn’t, is that American academics are in Universities all over the world writing papers on the security of the host countries they are in, these people end up on the desks of the CIA.

This has been going on for decades.

Although General ‘Pot Belly’ Nicola Sturgeon thinks she is onto a winner, we should remember that May’s speech came after the heads of the British, French and German intelligence agencies called for continued security co-operation after Brexit.

The reality is spelled out by Alex Younger of MI6, Bernard Emie of the French DGSE and Bruno Kahl of Germany's BND:

“The three Service Heads are united in the view that modern threats require a modern response, any failure to do so would lead to even greater risk. To have effect, our efforts must be combined in partnership.”

Oh dear, what happened to the uncertainty Nicola?

Theresa May is right that the EU attitude is a problem by allow their "political doctrine and ideology" but thankfully wise heads will prevail over dogma. One thing that Sturgeon has gotten totally wrong is that Theresa May had put the interests of the Tory party ahead of the nation. There is a bigger picture which Theresa May is aware of, and it has nothing to do with appeasement of hard right Brexiteers, the fact this is suggested shows a lack of political awareness on Sturgeon’s part. The SNP are a backward and inward looking party, they shouldn’t think because that is the way they operate that it applies to everyone else.

Sturgeon said:

“It is astonishing that fully 20 months on from the EU referendum, the UK Government is still struggling to spell out its plans for Brexit. That is a reflection of the infighting within the Tory party and of the weakness of the Prime Minister’s position – but it is inexcusable that party interest is being put ahead of the country’s interests."

How is this astonishing when talks haven’t been concluded?

Finally, this is a classic case of why politics in Scotland has ‘hit the wall’; we have elected some unbelievable ignorant people to public office who think spouting off about something they know nothing about is enough to fool the public that they have some expertise. Maybe Nicola Sturgeon might want to get some practice in playing ‘cowboys and indians’, of course she will have to play the role of the Big Chief ‘Pot Belly’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Nicola Sturgeon dilemma, disgraced SNP sex-row minister receives 'golden goodbye', the scandal keeps on growing and Sturgeon refuses to show leadership, what does it say when even an SNP stooge like Humza Yousaf says “perhaps taking more time than it should”, is this a signal that the Sturgeon era is over?

Dear All

Sometime ago, I was blogging on #throbbergate, this is the story of disgraced former SNP minister Mark McDonald who had to quit his post over alleged sexual misconduct, the SNP investigation is still ongoing.

I wonder, and I am sure that others might, does ‘still ongoing’ mean the SNP want him to quit, if he does go, he would leave public office in disgrace to make way for Alex Salmond. The next election isn’t till 2021 so McDonald has a lot to lose in terms of money. It is doubtful he would be selected as an SNP candidate ever again, too much heat on Nicola Sturgeon, and sex and politics do make for odd bedfellows if there is any sort of suggestion someone has over stepped the mark.

After quitting as an SNP sex-row minister, Mark McDonald is to receive 'golden goodbye' in the shape of a “resettlement grant”. This is an automatic entitlement with in his case has provoked outrage. He walks away with £7,270 for quitting as the Scottish Government’s childcare minister after just18 months in post. Clearly the rules are wrong, then the public must speak out, no one who resigns in those circumstances should be entitled to a penny from the public purse.

He is effectively getting paid £7,270 after admitting he caused a woman “considerable distress”.

The opposition parties say that there should be an overhaul of the law, the Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Act of 2009 to stop people receiving a benefit when leaving Ministerial office in disgrace.

And let’s be clear, Mark McDonald’s case is a sordid nasty little affair which Nicola Sturgeon tried to dismiss and move quickly on from, sadly for her, up pops more allegations which forced the SNP to suspend McDonald from the party.

Operation ‘hang on to a vote’ blew right up in Sturgeon’s face.

Conservative MSP Alexander Burnett said the payment to Mr McDonald was “clearly wrong”, and he is 100% right, although someone gets the cash regardless whether they lost at the ballot box, through ill-health or scandal, getting paid for causing someone distress is wrong.

Holyrood should consider rewriting the legislation at the earliest opportunity, however that will not help in McDonald’s case.

Alexander Burnett also said:

“It’s important we look at these processes again to ensure this isn’t repeated. The public view of the parliament as a whole would worsen otherwise.”

Labour MSP Rhoda Grant added:

“This is unacceptable. It cannot be right that a minister who has resigned in such circumstances has effectively received a bonus from the taxpayer. If Mark McDonald has received this money, he must immediately return it or donate it to a charity such as Women’s Aid. The Scottish Parliament must also urgently review the law which allows this money to be given and appropriately reform it to avoid such circumstances in the future.”

The SNP Government have a habit of rewarding failure, back in 2010, Stewart Stevenson received a similar-sized grant after quitting as SNP transport minister; the transport brief is widely regarded as a post for the really non talented. Following the travel chaos Stevenson returned it to the parliament.

Mark McDonald is someone who is living on parliamentary borrowed time, it isn’t a case of if he leaves but when, his career is over completely. Alex Salmond is breathing down his neck in the wings waiting for his seat, one wonders if Mark McDonald will be squirreling away as much cash as possible.

What does the future hold for Mark McDonald?

I would say call centre work.

If you read his bio, he has been a political hack since he left university working for various SNP politicians.

As an Independent MSP, he has been absent from Holyrood on his full MSP pay since resigning, since he isn’t in ill health, he is in hiding. Of course, one wonders what his staff must be thinking, if I was them I would be looking at situations vacant because he has put their livelihood in danger, they don’t have job security.

One thing which I haven’t seen is condemnation by Scottish Greens leader Patrick Harvie, Harvie has been strangely quiet about this scandal which is surprising giving his outspoken stance when the Bill Walker wife beating affair was ‘the thing’.

One wonders if he needs to consult Nicola Sturgeon before speaking out now given the Scottish Greens are seen as an SNP proxy vote cache.

In January, Nicola Sturgeon said the SNP’s probe, would “take as long as it takes”, when pressed this week SNP transport minister Humza Yousaf blurted out the inquiry was “perhaps taking more time than it should”.

Is this a dig at Nicola Sturgeon?

Finally, the SNP made a huge deal about protecting women in politics, at the first hurdle Nicola Sturgeon has been found wanting, why did Nicola Sturgeon not act more swiftly?

Why don’t you let that question occupy your thoughts for a wee while!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, February 15, 2018

SNP Woefully Incapable and Dreadful: Nicola Sturgeon’s flagship SNP childcare pledge going off the rails, Audit Scotland’s damning report highlights abject failure of the SNP to govern properly, they “should have started detailed planning earlier”, Sturgeon has lost the trust of the nation

Dear All

The SNP were pressing hard for the women’s vote during the Scottish independence vote, they reasoned if they could get the women’s vote onboard that this would be enough to carry them over the line. There was a whole pitch to women made around childcare, to tug the old heartstrings of how wonderful bouncing babies would have it in an SNP utopia. 

You can’t have failed to notice the dreadful Women for Independence demanding that their voice is heard, this was fronted by people like the odious Natalie McGarry. McGarry was someone I named in my Police complaint, she became an MP, that didn’t last long, in fact Nicola Sturgeon’s pal crashed and burned rather badly on the political runway.

And of course, there is this small item which I take a particular interest in:

During the Scottish independence referendum, I was a regular on the BBC Big Debate as a member of the audience if the programme was in the Greater Glasgow area, on of the events was held in a community centre in Townhead. On the panel were Jim Murphy for Scottish Labour and James Dornan SNP. So, after getting a snide comment off James Dornan, I sat there and waited, when the issue of childcare was discussed, I then put my hand up.

The SNP had said that they would put 100,000 women into high paying jobs which would be around the £42,000 a year mark; and the tax from this would pay for their childcare proposals. When asked how long this would take to achieve, James Dornan went off point starting to talk about what the SNP had done in the past, so, I stopped him and said on radio, I didn’t ask you what the SNP had done in the past, I want to know how long the proposal would take to be put into effect.

An unhappy James Dornan blurted out 10 years; presumably that taught him a lesson, don’t be snide with me, and especially not on radio. Afterwards Jim Murphy commented to me how angry James Dornan was during the show after I had questioned him.

The SNP are a party of protest, not of government which is why they are so bad at government, they are good at complaining about the failures of others, but dreadful inadequate about their own shortcomings. Part of the problem is that they run the Scottish Government as a part time concern, a desire for power without the will or experience to exercise it properly. They are so stupid that they ‘marvel’ at their ability to under spend and stay within spending limits while services get degraded.

Now, among the catalogue of failures, we find the SNP childcare pledge going off the rails according to the watchdog Audit Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon who has used children to promote herself and the SNP as family friendly can now sit an read a scathing report which shows she is struggling to deliver her signature pledge to double free childcare hours.

So, what’s the problem?

It is what I suggested above, not a party of government, the failures in this case revolve around poor preparation and disputes over money. I found when I was in the SNP, the people who held leadership positions all had something in common; they expected other people to do the heavy lifting when it came to the work. Time and time again, I witnessed the leadership disappear leaving others to carry the can, only to pop up later if things turned out successfully.

Nicola Sturgeon’s promises are worthless!

Sturgeon used used her first legislative programme, in November 2014, to promise hours would rise from 600 to 1140 for all three-and four-year-olds and vulnerable two-year-olds. The deadline for success is August 2020 but with the SNP failing in other areas right across the board, the decline of their vote, the loss of seats and continually fighting a rearguard action to attempt to stop decline, the problems just keep on mounting up.

The SNP are good at sound bites, what they can’t cope with is problems and when you get problems such as how to make their plans operational in terms of staffing, infrastructure work, procurement of land and new buildings, and dialogue with stakeholders about how much it will all cost.

You get serious problems.

Audit Scotland is SNP Ministers for taking a year from announcing the policy to delivery, saying they “should have started detailed planning earlier”. This is a symptom of what is wrong with the Nationalists, planning takes time, and it isn’t a thing which can be left to others to carry the load. Years ago, I said the Scottish Government needed expanded because there weren’t enough ministers to do the job of running Scotland effectively, I said that deputies in key departments were crucial to solving problems. The SNP cult opted for a small cabal of ministers to insulate themselves from the rest of the party, that failure to develop is coming home to roost.

So, what questions should the SNP be solving on childcare?

Well you could start with where is the £690m of capital funding councils say they need?

Where is the 12,000 extra staff to deliver it?

In attempting to hamstring councils into providing a sub standard service, the SNP Ministers say the councils only need £400m capital, £840m revenue and 6000 to 8000 staff. One thing about the SNP is that they provide poor public services where employees face huge workloads, burdens and lack of resources.

Finally, this part of Audit Scotland’s report is the most damning as it states, the government had sunk £650m into the policy over four years without considering evidence about how it would work, The lack of proper governance also flagged that the SNP didn’t  set specific goals, didn’t consider alternatives, and acted without knowing how results would be measured. The conclusion of this is that it remains a mystery whether it was value for money.

This report is just an indication of how ‘hands off’ government works under Nicola Sturgeon, money isn’t being used wisely and there isn’t due care taken to understand process.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

SNP Roadmap to a Slum, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon allowed Govanhill to be a dirty filthy slum, stinking to high heaven, infested with crime, worthy of a third world slagheap, is her dereliction of duty a blueprint for what passes for listening when you elect an SNP politician?

Dear All

While on Twitter, I got sent a link to a blog:

Anyway I thought I would trot in and read being a curious sort of a guy, as I read the article, I was less than impressed, it seemed to be a ‘puff piece’ defending Nicola Sturgeon who is the Constituency MSP who covers the Govanhill area.

Govanhill is an area in Glasgow which has been turned into a ghetto, or as some people would call it a ‘shithole’. The author rightly points out the area has been politically weaponised, I would agree, Govanhill is an example of immigration gone badly wrong.

In politics, political parties weaponised migrants against the indigenous population by having the leaders do photo ops with educated migrant trying to sell the concept that they want immigration control to bring in doctor, dentists, engineers and other highly skilled people. Under the EU, the UK has little control of EU citizens who have streamed into the UK from poor countries to access our welfare system, set up crime networks, and take part in organised begging gangs which we see in our big cities.

Immigration became a reason for some to vote for Brexit.

Anyway here is the reply to the article I felt compelled to respond too.

"Colin Clark, a sociology professor at UWS, wrote several years ago that there is a “long list of speculative allegations, wild gossip and persistent, unproven rumours circulating with regard to the various Roma communities in Govanhill”."

Perhaps the dear Professor has missed the organised Roma Begging gangs that operate in the City of Glasgow. Clearly an easy thing to see when you open your eyes, and perhaps he doesn't want to see.

Govanhill is like a third world ghetto, the author perhaps forgets the online footage which is available on youtube, and as we all know the crime figures don't lie.

One thing, I would object to, is the quote:

"Much of this has been supplied ready made by locally divisive, self-styled activists “Let’s Save Govanhill".

Tell the truth doesn't make the local people who complain 'divisive' in my opinion, it just makes them willing to stand up for their community, something which both FM Nicola Sturgeon and her pal, Mhairi Hunter plainly are incapable of doing, but hey, they are still drawing the salary.

Unlike some people, I know Sturgeon and Hunter being formerly in the SNP as an activist, I know that you cannot count on them, and I am sure many in Govanhill do know this as well, experience can be rather bitter.

Finally, recently this story caught everyone's attention:

An organised crime network that fraudulently secured almost £1 million of public money has been broken up after an international police operation, run by Romanians.”

Finally, immigration is a good thing, so is water, one thing about water however is that if you drink too much, you can die. Here is another article to read to get the old brain cells churning.

Politicians must always be held to account by the people, people can no longer be silent.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University